Hello & Welcome.

Thank you for visiting this little website. I’d like to tell you a little about what I do here at DVCUK, online and in my little Suffolk based workshop.

There is a joy to be found in finding the perfect piece of material, lovingly crafting it into a unique piece of clothing or an accessory. Using that item for the first time and knowing that it was created for you (or by you) and no one would have anything similar. My love of sewing began when I discovered the joy in creating pieces that would be tailor made to the individual.



that be one of our marvellously, empowering photoshoot packages we have available or one of the many cloth bags I design with the sole intention of promoting the ‘use and reuse’ idea. The gorgeous and sometimes personalised bags can be a fun way to teach our children (and ourselves) not to rely on plastic so much and they make fabulous gifts. Young and old will take pleasure in the emotive messages on the bags and it also helps sometimes if they have their names on them (less easy to lose…)


Our photoshoot…

packages are all about learning to ‘love the skin you’re in’. As a woman and a mother to 4 daughters (and 1 son) I know first hand the lack of body positivity there is. We need to fall in love with ourselves again and I hope that my little team and I can help the women that pass through our door to feel special even for an afternoon. The beauty of vintage inspired fashion is that it suits all. It makes us respect/create our curves, embrace a little pampering as we so often put ourselves to the bottom of the list. Feel like Marilyn Monroe for the day and watch how your glow will inspire others. Lets celebrate what it is to be us!



also dabble in a small handcrafted/embellished children’s range as well as a few accessories to add a little vintage to the ever day wardrobe. All this can be found in the online shop, events we attend or maybe book an appointment to pop in to my workshop for a coffee and a chat. You can look at our range at your leisure.

I whole heartedly look forward to hearing from you.